Air Quality Testing:  Mold © Summit-Fresh Cleaning & Restoration, LLC Made with Xara If you SEE mold, it does NOT necessarily mean that you HAVE a problem. If you Don’t SEE mold, it does NOT mean that you DON’T have one either. Sometimes, what you cannot see CAN hurt you... but don’t let the alarmists scare you. Mold in homes is common, and is not considered to be a problem unless spore counts indoors are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than conditions outside your home.  However, no mold is considered “good mold” when it’s growing indoors... so don’t ignore it either. Summit-Fresh offers over 9 years of field experience using acredited independant laboratory analysis to ensure that if there is a mold problem, we will find it... not just identify it. If a problem cannot be found, you will have peace of mind and a better understanding of your indoor air quality.  pandora bracelet pandora bracelet pandora jewelry pandora charms louis vuitton outlet online Committed to reducing the fear and hype through education, and increasing the quality of your air through scientific analysis and recommendations
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