Mold Remediation © Summit-Fresh Cleaning & Restoration, LLC Made with Xara Going farther than simply removing the problem... We do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t come back. Even the slightest disturbance of mold growth is enough to release and spread millions of spores all over your home or office. The most common mistake people make when they see mold is to spray it with something. Mold spores are like most seeds in that they are resistant to moisture.  The air pressure that is released by a spraying action will therefore greatly increase the chances of cross contamination. Vacuuming with a HEPA grade filtration device is the BEST 1st step in removal. Once this is complete, the surface where the mold was growing can safely be sprayed with fungicide. Removal of mold contaminated wall materials should NOT begin without proper containment and negative air pressure in the work environment.  Personal protective equipment including at least a HEPA grade respirator should also be utilized. Summit-Fresh is trained, equipped, and prepared to make sure that michael kors purses removal and clean up of your mold problem is safe, effective, and contained.    However, If you wish to do it yourself, please consider letting Summit-Fresh help you do it right. 
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