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Water Damage Restoration © Summit-Fresh Cleaning & Restoration, LLC Made with Xara If you are currently experiencing a water loss and not quite sure what to do, RELAX!  Our phone line is open 24/7.  If you are unable maillot de foot pas cher to reach us, here’s a quick priority list: 1.  SAFETY IS FIRST!   Please don’t panic... it usually looks worse than it is when your all wet. 2.  Stop camisetas de futbol the water.   Water cutoffs are normally located on or near the water heater.  If you are not sure, or have trouble finding a cutoff point, don’t hesitate to call city water services for emergency assistance. 3.  Call Summit-Fresh in the Ponca City area, or any professional water damage restoration company near you.      WE CAN TAKE IT FROM football shirts THERE!   If you call your insurance company 1st, this is normally what they will tell you. Self Help Services  It is recommended that emergency water extraction and drying be conducted by a trained professional. However, if you wish to do it soccer jerseys yourself to save money, at least let us help you do it right. Initial phone consultation is free, and we can provide the equipment and guidance on site to better ensure your efforts are both safe and successful. Committed to protecting your safety, home, and assets from the damage that a water loss can cause.
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